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    Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder
    Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder is system equipment providing continuous conveying, dynamic weighing and feeding control for solid bulk materials. The applications, features, and other details are as follows.
    The new direction of gravimetric feeder
    The application status of Batte machinery company at home and abroad of gravimetric feeder, and all kinds of feeding machine development course and the research status of, summed up the domestic feeder towards the development of environment
    Rotary Valve Introduction
    Rotary Valve Introduction can be introduced through structure types, construction material, driven power, application field, Output (discharge output) G Calculation Formula, model selection, etc.
    High Speed Mixer
    When using high-speed mixer, maintenance procedures should be developed. Mixer uses mechanical force and gravity, the uniformly mixed together mechanically two or more materials.
    Mixing application in the pharmaceutical field
    Mixing application in the pharmaceutical field is mainly for thermoplastic materials are mixed with additives. Mixer uses mechanical force and gravity, uniformly mix together mechanically two or more materials.
    In processing high melt viscosity polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) by extrusion, milling, calendering and injection molding, the shear forces applied cause excessive frictional heat.
    Plasticizers are added to thermoplasts or elastomers to make them more flexible, improve processability, or allow them to foamed. A distinction is also made between primary and secondary plasticizers.
    What is PVC?
    What is PVC? PVC is regarded as perhaps the most versatile thermoplastic resin, due to its ability to accept an extremely wide variety of additives. PVC has a unique degradation sequence and Inherent Properties.
    Products used for pelletizing include dry cut, Wet cut, drop pelletizing, pharma, and other applications, such as, dry-cut strand pelletizer, underwater pelletizer, drop pelletizing system, micro pellets, etc.
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