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xps foam bord die

Apart from xps foam bord die production, we are also manufacturing Polystyrene Extrusion Line,and we are continuously putting pragmatic production experiences into machine building technology. With several

Patents at hand, we are able to offer you one-stop XPS plant building services.

Ourgreen Economic xps foam bord die Production Line Specification

The Economic xps foam bord die Production Line has the same function as all other models and it helps customers,

who are tight in budget to start Styrofoam Sheet Production immediately. The whole line is designed to save cost.

Ourgreen Economic xps foam bord die Production Line Advantages:

1. Simplified Double Stage Feeding System saves labors;

2. Stable Continuous Running Condition;

3. Low Energy Consumption;

4. Advanced Blowing Agent Technology;

5. Low Failure Rate;

6. Easy Maintenance.

Item Specification
Die steel P20/5CrNiMo
Material XPS
Width of the die 600mm/900mm/1200mm
Thickness of the product 20-120mm adjustable
Way of flow passage streamlined
Voltage 220V/50hz
Heating type heating inside 
Heater element stainless steel heating rod
Mode of connection closed cycled connection
Fastening piece 12.9 high strength
Precision of polishing Polishing precision of the stream surface of the die lip 0.03-0.04(μm)other parts is 0.04-0.05(μm)
Galvanization  the stream surface of the die head are treated by chrome treatment. Thickness 0.03-0.04(μm),hardness: 60-65Rockwellc,the chrome treatment thickness of the ektexine is 0.01-0.02mm.
Installation according costumer’s request
Way of charging central ring charging way

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