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cast film die

The simple process of Casting film die is that the melt from the screw extruder out after the T-die into a sheet or film, and then cooled on the cooling roll forming. In these dies, all layers of PE, PP, PS, PVC, PV, ABS, PMMA, PA, PET and other melts are shaped according to the required shape until the exit of the die before merging together, Adjust separately. The die lip or die adjustment controls the total thickness of the multi-layer extrudate and the interlaminar bonding works well because the melt flows of the layers are compounded inside the die at high pressures and temperatures.

PVC three-layer coextrusion mold may be uneven distribution of opening agent. The CPP cast film extrusion dies is also a three-layer structure. In the cast extrusion, the outermost layer structure contains an opening agent. When the master batch containing the opening agent is mixed with ordinary PP particles into the extrusion die, unevenness may occur.

(1) Three-layer composite coextrusion die in cast film die, three-layer three-tone or three-layer four tone (2) Five-layer composite coextrusion die in dispenser (3) (4) double-sided double-coated film head (5) single-layer cast film die, sheet, sheet die with multi-melt dispenser die Another advantage is that material properties can be processed vary greatly, Different abrasive temperature of the melt. In-mold three-layer composite co-extrusion casting die, distributor multi-layer composite die.

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