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High Speed Mixer
When using high-speed mixer, maintenance procedures should be developed. Mixer uses mechanical force and gravity, the uniformly mixed together mechanically two or more materials.

Mixing machine is widely used in various industrial and daily life. Mixer can be a variety of materials with a homogenous mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel and water mixture into the wet concrete and other materials; can also increase the contact surface area of the material, in order to promote chemical reactions; also can accelerate physical changes, such as granular solute added to the solvent, by mixing mechanical mixing action can accelerate the dissolution mixing it is widely used in chemicals, pesticides, dyes, medicines, food, feed, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries of all kinds of powder particles.

When using high-speed mixer, maintenance procedures should be developed, in addition to general maintenance rules, yet to note the following:
1, high-speed mixer 10 hours after the initial operation, should be a comprehensive inspection of each joint portions to be tightened again if necessary.
2, high-speed mixer 10 hours after the initial operation, check the V-belt tension level, when adjusting the rear belt tensioning screw evenly tensioned motor base plate shall locking bolts tightened to prevent loosening.
3, high-speed mixer ministries shall be kept clean, especially the mixing vessel wall and into the discharge hole refueling should be cleaned, and the inner wall of the device for a long time should not apply anti-rust oil discharge portion.
4, high-speed mixer need regular checks, periodic maintenance, while wearing parts damaged shall be repaired, replaced.
5, electrical equipment should be checked regularly, especially the heater and found that damage should be replaced.

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