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The new direction of gravimetric feeder

  The application status of Batte machinery company at home and abroad of gravimetric feeder, and all kinds of feeding machine development course and the research status of, summed up the domestic feeder towards the development of environmental protection, high quality.

gravimetric feeder

  Efforts to improve the performance and reliability component parts, reduce maintenance, equipment operation rate depends mainly on the performance and reliability of component parts.Automated development and application of new technologies and new products, is still very worthy of attention. Controlled soft start technology such as high-performance, dynamic analysis and monitoring technology, so that gravimetric feeder performance is further improved.

  At the same time the possibility of feeders to large-scale development direction, but in a period of time, will focus on research and development of new force structure in good condition vibrating feeder, vibrating feeder structures break through the traditional design pattern. Due to the need of economic development, will force people to develop larger vibrating feeder, in order to increase processing capacity to meet the needs of intensive production high yield and efficiency, the development of large vibrating feeder and will require more in-depth discussion in terms of structural strength to improve its operation reliability.

  Finally, reduce power consumption, reduce noise, to achieve a more environmentally and user-friendly design.

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