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Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder
Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder is system equipment providing continuous conveying, dynamic weighing and feeding control for solid bulk materials. The applications, features, and other details are as follows.

Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder Application:
Used in continuous gravimetric feeding for solid materials
Used in batch gravimetric feeding and continuous metering for solid materials
Widely used in plastic pelletizing, BOPP film, chemistry, detergent, food, fodder and other industries.
Free flowing big and small pellets, powder, fibers, etc.

Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder Features:
Applicable a wide range of material types, wide feeding range, high precision feeding
Since it is fully enclosed design, it has compact structure, low noise, no pollution to environment.
Sealing rings are equipped between main frame and top cover, also between main frame and side panel. Good dust-proof performance.
High precision load cell is adopted. The weighing platform is made of stainless steel. The load cell is housed so that the equipment can be working under a bad condition.

Continuous Gravimetric Belt Feeder can provide an exact feeding according to the set feed rate by adjusting belt moving speed and maintain a stable continuous feeding, and also accumulate the fed material quantity automatically. For operation and control, it can be carried out with instrument and keyboard, or through host computer, or through process management system DCS.

Absorbing German instrument control technology, the speed adjustment is carried out by a high quality frequency inverter. The signals include start-up, manual and automatic mode, frequency inveter start-up, error, left deviation, right deviation. It can be controlled beside the feeder, locally or DCS central control.

Through exquisite manufacturing technology and strict quality control system in Batte Machinery, the quality and accuracy is assured in this series of weigh belt feeder. Our high precise and high stable this series of gravimetric feeder is becoming the ideal equipment in bulk material batching and metering process.

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