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gravimetric feeder
Gravimetric Feeder:
Gravimetric feeders can be divided into single screw type and twin screw type gravimetric feeder, or gravimetric type feeder and gravimetric metering type feeder.

Types: BAT-LF-SS-28, BAT-LF-TS-28, BAT-LF-TS-38, BAT-LF-TS-46, BAT-LF-TS-64, BAT-LF-TS-78, BAT-MF-SS-28, BAT-MF-SS-46, BAT-MF-SS-65, BAT-MF-TS-28, BAT-MF-TS-38, BAT-MF-TS-46, ...
Micro Gravimetric Feeder
Micro Gravimetric Feeder:
Micro gravimetric feeders include micro loss-in-weight feeders and micro loss-in-weight metering feeder as per their feeding accuracy. The drive system of metering type micro gravimetric feeder is servo motor. Hopper: 3L. Feeding ranges: 2-8L/H

Types: BAT-LF-TS-10 micro loss-in-weight feeder, BAT-MF-TS-10 micro loss-in-weight metering feeder, ...
Liquid Gravimetric Feeder
Liquid Gravimetric Feeder:
Liquid gravimetric feeder is suitable for liquid materials with normal temperature or liquid materials need heating and holding temperature, because the insulation system can control temperature uniformly. The feeding ranges of liquid feeders are 2-8000L/H.

Liquid Gravimetric Feeder Types: BAT-LF-PS-50, BAT-LF-PS-100, BAT-LF-PS-200, BAT-LF-PS-300,...
Multi-component Gravimetric Feeder
Multi-component Gravimetric Feeder:
Bio-component and multi-component gravimetric feeder is suitable for feeding multi-material at the same time through feeder control system. Feeding accuracy is ±0.5%, and feeding range is 10-1000L/H, 10-1500L/H, 10-2000L/H, 10-2500L/H, 10-3000L/H, 10-3500L/H.

Types: BAT-LF-2, BAT-LF-3, BAT-LF-4, BAT-LF-5, BAT-LF-6, BAT-LF-7, ...
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