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the correct use of feeding machine


      First, when gravimetric feeder moving, the above is can't put things, because that will be because of the motor to withstand the pressure is too large to burn out the motor. So start feeding machine every time to check on Is it right? Something. If you have to clean it up in time, then start the machine.

  Second, the feeding machine is the main power to the motor, the motor speed is very high, so in the power transmission to reducer to decelerate. Must remember to check the motor and the gear reducer if there is an exception. And to be separated for a period of time to carry out maintenance, in the gear reducer gear oil.

  Feeding machine is bringing material transmission by the skin, so be sure to check in a timely manner to the belt is intact, whether there is loose whether proper tightness. Only when all the normal order of production performance, production capacity can reach the maximum. And it will not cause damage to the machine.

  Between the various parts of the feeding machine is a gear and a chain to transmit power, so it is necessary to make it possible to ensure the maximum degree of lubrication of the gear and the chain, so as not to because of the lack of lubrication and damage to the machine.

  Five, ore production will produce a lot of dust. This will make the feeding machine control box accumulate a lot of dust, continuously for a long time, will be because the dust makes the internal short circuit occurred, will damage the electrical circuit and other parts. So in every time to clean up the dust in a control box.


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