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Single screw loss in weight feeder
This type single screw loss in weight feeder is used for extrusion line and has wide applications and process characteristics. High precise technology is adopted in this loss in weight gravimetric feeder.

single screw loss in weight feeder
Single screw loss in weight feeder applications:
When the bulk density of the feeding material is not consistent, or the precise feeding accuracy is critical to the end product quality, this loss in weight feeder needs to be used. The loss in weight feeders can be used in batch or continuous situations. Frequently it is applied in continuous processing, such as extrusion. During extrusion process, multiple ingredients’ ratio needs to be controlled precisely.

Single screw loss in weight feeder characteristics:
It can provide high precise, reliable, and consistent feeding performance.
Single screw loss in weight feeder is the best choice for free flowing materials, while twin screw loss in weight feeder provides the best solution for difficult-handled materials. Loss in weight feeder is available with a full range of models and different sizes of hopper. It can satisfy the feed range of 0.5-1000L/hr.

Our loss-in-weight feeders can provide high precise, high valued feeding for pellet, granule, free flowing powder and other bulk materials. The feed rate is 0.5-1000L/hr. The accuracy can reach ±0.2%. According to the characteristics of different fed materials, the single screw loss-in-weight is available with a wide range of interchangeable screws.

Single screw loss in weight feeder also called single screw gravimetric feeder, and Screw Diameter includes 18mm, 28mm, 38mm, 46mm, 64mm, and other custom diameters.

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