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The scope of the batte feeder
The company's feeder for a variety of granular materials, pellets, powder, flakes and other small material handling, to ensure a continuous, uniform and accurate feeding.
1, feeder design is reasonable, easy to operate, easy to control height, site easy to clean.
2, with self-diagnostic function, high and low flow alarm, low material level alarm, cutting, blocking material (not expected) alarm.
3, part of the feeder with production management function, the instrument can display real-time and remote primary flow of raw materials, the cumulative amount of additive flow, add the proportion of the cumulative amount of the additive.
4, advanced stepper servo systems, use long life, adjust accurate, stable and reliable.
Feeder Scope:
1, in the food industry, a wide variety of micro powder is added (such as brighteners, ADA, enzymes and other trace additives), and adding ingredient (such as flour, toner, cocoa powder, sugar, etc. );
2, the main ingredient in the plastics industry or accessories added.

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